Most Trusted Travel Resources for Tourists in India 2018 Edition

Most Trusted Travel Resources for Tourists in India 2018 Edition

When it comes to traveling in India, people mostly pack their bags with a lot of stuff they don't actually need. This leads to extra luggage and more burden on the tourist. These travel resources would help you guys to reduce the useless things and perhaps replace them with better resources for your next journey.

My Recommendation to the travel community in India would be to pack light and efficient.

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The only Bag you will ever need - Wildcraft Rucksack 45 Litres

From professional solo backpackers to simple travelers, this Wildcraft Rucksack is the only bag you will ever need.

This lightweight and spacious rucksack will help you in packing effectively and traveling stressfree.

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Track, Record and Analyse each activity of yours by Fitbit Charge 2  

Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

Track all day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes with Fitbit Charge 2

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Camera Accessory: Amazon 50 inch Tripod with Bag

This Tripod from Amazon is the perfect solution for professional photographers around the world.

The Amazon Tripod Must buy for photographers.

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